Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In The Beginning

How apropos that I post my first linked blog on St. Patrick's Day.

Why is that you may ask?

My virgin entry on the anniversary of the day I lost my virginity.

It wasn't that I set out to get laid in honor of the holiday. It just kinda happened on that day. In keeping with the spirit of celebration the room it happened in even had green walls.

That first time wouldn't make for the stuff of great erotica. Was anyone's first time worthy of such embellishment? That I doubt since teenage kids aren't up on their sexual technique.

All I remember was the green walls, a western on the TV and laying there thinking "I'm never doing this again". With that person, I didn't. With a few other persons absolutely.

Rowan - My anti-heroine in my first novel Spell Struck had a first time that was worth writing home about. Of course she got her cherry popped by my too pretty for words, hot as hell, wrestling heel hero - Dylan Dalton. Needless to say it was far from being his first time so the dude had it going on.

Dylan's first time might be covered in a future episode of my Ring Dreams series. He was thirteen when he was seduced by an older more experienced woman all of fourteen. You want to know who the temptress was? You'll have to wait and read it in Spell Struck.

Until then, tell me about your first time... come on... start dishing...