Friday, December 31, 2010

A Witch's Prayer

I found the following incantation written on an index card while cleaning out my writers desk:

Blessed Goddess light my way
May love and laughter fill my day
Grant me strength to eliminate negativity
Open my heart with boundless creativity
My mind is sound and secure
My soul is radiant and blissfully pure
My body is a temple, of this I am sure
Bide times three and I shall endure
When night falls I am content and ready for divine rest
For as long as I walk the path of lightness I know I am blessed
I keep my eyes open so that I shall see
Your goodness and abundance flow into me

And as it is willed, so mote it shall be!

I'm not sure it I wrote this myself, or copied from something I had read.
It just seemed like something appropriate to share on New Year's Eve.

May the Goddess bless your path and light your way into a new year filled with abundance, peace, joy and boundless love.

Blessed Be!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sex and The City

What writer hasn't for even just a few moments fantasied about being Carrie Bradshaw? A successful writer. That fabulous apartment. All those shoes and great clothes. Amazing friends. Come on, she's even on the side of a New York City bus. Not to even mention, that certain guy -- Mr. Big!

I got the first two seasons of Sex and The City as a holiday gift from my nieces so I've been re-watching the show from the very beginning these last few days. Knowing that after six seasons Carrie and Mr. Big finally get their happily ever after? Well, it totally adds to the fun of watching the shows all over again.

Who doesn't love Mr. Big? I adore the way the character is written and how Chris Noth brings Big to life. Talk about perfect casting for a role. I couldn't image anyone else doing Big justice. 

Mr. Big should be required viewing 101 for anyone trying to write a romantic hero.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Voices Inside My Head

Who would have thought that the voices inside my head are becoming morning people? Well, Courtney and Alex anyways. It seems like lately I've been getting my best writing done on the mornings I sneak in some writing time before logging in at the "for now job that pays the bills" at 8 am. 

I'm hovering on the verge of the 30,000 word mark on Sex & Suplexes. That means I'm finally really into the meat of the story and both Courtney and Alex are yacking away for me now. After the first bleed through edit my manuscripts usually come out at just under 100,000 words so I guess I'm about a third of the way.

Alex, or should I say his ex Lara, as totally dropped a bomb on the Great Wall of Plot. She's tried to tell Alex but so far he's not figured it out yet. It's all going to come to a head on the weekend of the Asheville PPV and will explain why he ditches Courtney that night and she winds up in bed with Billy. Like she ever needs an excuse to wind up screwing Billy. 

This surprise plot twist is going to dump a whole lot of drama on poor Alex. As if dating the likes of Courtney isn't drama enough in itself. I supposed more conflict is always a good thing. Especially in a novel. Now I just have to go back and revise the Great Wall of Plot to make it all fit into the story.

I'm currently working on a HOT sex scene with Alex and Courtney back at the hotel ringing in the New Year. It all started with an very out in the open kiss at midnight while they were at Antonio's. So - "telephone, telegraph, tell a wrestler" - it will be all over the dressing room by the end of the next night's show at the Cobb County Civic Center in Marietta.

I've also discovered that I think I do my best at home writing curled up on the couch with the netbook with the TV going in the background. Weird, huh? Editing has to be done on the widescreen monitor, but I like to do the first draft on the netbook now.

When and where do you do your best writing?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

NaNoWriMo NOT so much!

Here it is 11 days into NaNoWriMo and my word count is exactly one big fat 0.

For me, November is shaping up to be No Writing Month. Or maybe I should say no new writing month since I have been working on doing yet another "final" edit of Desire & Dropkicks. According to two agents who requested the full manuscripts my toned down version wasn't toned down enough to be classified as a "romance". Both agents liked the story and my writing voice, but they don't rep erotica.

I printed out both the clean and so-called dirty versions and read them side by side. Turns out I like the dirty version much better than the weakened toned down manuscript. There's just no going mainstream when writing as deep third person in Billy's point of view. It was even more obvious in his scenes with Odessa. There's just no censoring her. She's too strong and intense of a character for her not to drop a few f bombs along the way.

My goal is to finish the edits this weekend and have Desire & Dropkicks ready to submit to Siren as the prequel to Headlocks and Hexes. On that front, I am still waiting to hear back from my editor on the final content. I'm also checking my email every day with a mixture of excitement and fear while waiting to see the cover.

Headlocks and Hexes is still scheduled for a January exclusive ebook release with Siren and a print release in June.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Great Wall Of Plot

Me - A total pantster with a Great Wall of Plot! Shocking, I know. 

I was working on the first chapter of Sex & Suplexes when I got to hear NYT Bestselling author Jeffrey Deaver speak at Killer Nashville. He explained that he does up to 200 page outlines before ever sitting down to do any actual writing. This is a man who's sold a whole buttload of books and constantly produces bestsellers on a yearly schedule. It obviously works for him, and he's where I want to be so I figured why not give this whole plotting thing a try?

Just to preface a little, I was about 30,000 words into Lip Gloss and Lollipops when I realized that Courtney and particularly Alex were taking over Tiffany, Trey and Brandon's story. So I decided to put them aside, pull out some of Alex's best stuff, and pick up where we left off at the end of Headlocks & Hexes. 

After being led 30,000 words into the middle of nowhere with the other story, I figured why not give this whole plotting thing a try. I sat down, or more liked walked around with Harry dog, while having several long talks with Courtney and Alex on how we were going to do this. Courtney's initial response was, "Just sit down and write Bitch." Alex just nodded in agreement, because well he's pussy whipped and whatever Courtney says goes.

It took a lot of deliberation to get Courtney to agree to the whole chapter by chapter index card breakdown. We started out with 19 cards. I am currently working on Chapter 6 and two more cards have been added. Along with a brand new character, Alex's mother Sunn. 

I got stuck on Chapter 3 and guess who showed up? None other than Billy Dalton. He wasn't supposed to get his own POV, but you know how Billy is. Or you will after reading Headlocks & Hexes. So far he's getting two chapters and I'm sure he's going to get more. I'[m justifying this because it's important to show Courtney from his POV since he's the guy she's obsessed over for so long. It is adding to the next book by showing his grief over losing Cassie through his own eyes. And who am I kidding? Billy is just plain fun to write. I LOVE Billy!

On each card I ask myself and of course my characters five basic questions to justify the chapter and advance the story:

Who? Fairly obvious, who's POV are we in. Who has the most at stake?

What? This details the major action.

When? Keeping my timeline straight on plot advancement.

Where? Location, location, location.

Why? Exactly why is this scene really necessary to advance my characters personal growth and plot development.

After the first draft of each chapter I go back with a Post It to remind myself what needs to be fixed. That way I keep plowing forward until we get to the last card.

Then what's going to happen? We'll find out when we get there. 

Courtney made me promise that this is only a loose guideline. She can change her mind at any time. There's no telling where she's actually going to take me. But at least this way I do have her reined in a little bit. I actually know all the major details before they get written. Now all I have to do is follow the index cards as I fill in the blanks to create Sex & Suplexes.

Oh and the Great Wall of Plot - I stole that title from a fellow MCRW member and multi-published author Beth Pattillo. She's a die-hard plotter and another inspiration for giving this whole plotting thing a whirl.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

To Be A Witch

I found the following in the We'moon 2010 and felt compelled to share since this writing so accurately states my beliefs...

When I name myself a witch it is a statement of empowerment, claiming my Goddess-given divinity and place in an all-embracing community of believers, but it is also a challenge to myself to fully embody that title, to live up to it and into and with it.

To weave magic and honor the Divine in all life, to hold ritual as a sacred way of offering gratitude and love and joy for the gift of existence, this is to be a witch.

To find a way to live simply and in harmony with nature, receptive and present in the moment, amidst the chaos and bustle of modern life, this is to be a witch today.

To remember our roots, our herstory, our childhood selves and the inner gypsy spirit that beckons us down the shady glittering forest trail...

I name myself witch to connect to those who died for their belief. I name myself witch as a free spirited nature-loving, Farey-seeking, magic-making, daydreaming, hopeful, grateful, playful, sacred, passionate, pagan manifestation of Divine Love.

To be a witch is to embrace the all of life, to bend and weave the energies that flow around us for magical, healing, sacred purpose.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Killer Nashville

This time last week I was on my way to the Killer Nashville conference at the Cool Springs Marriott in Franklin, TN. It was a weekend jammed packed with great speakers and seminars. While the conference is geared for mystery and thriller writers there really is something for writers of any genre. It was a real learning experience and I know I'll be back next year. This is one conference where you really do get a lot of bang for your buck.

The first session I attended was CSI Don't Think So - How Television Gets It Wrong presented by Lee Lofland, an author and nationally acclaimed expert on police procedure and crime-scene investigation. The basic thing I learned is don't use TV crime shows for your research. According to Lofland, Southland is the most authentic and well researched crime show on TV. Lofland is doing a Writer's Police Academy in September that would be really helpful for anyone who writes crime.

Session Two was the always fabulous Sherrilyn Kenyon speaking on how she became a best selling author. If you've ever visited her websites you know she is a one woman promotional machine for her work. She's very conscious of her public persona and her biggest advise is to write what you love. I'll be taking some of her marketing advise to heart when Headlocks & Hexes comes out next year. She recommended book giveaways and bookmarks as promotional tools, and of course a fabulous interactive website is a must.

Next was lunch at the hotel buffet with MCRW friends, Rae Ann and Annie, and a few of Rae Ann Parker's friends from her YA group .  Annie Solomon was a speaker on a few of the panels. She writers Romantic Suspense and has a new book coming out in October, Two Lethal Lies. After lunch we went up to the elevator room to view the crime scene.

The next session I attended was Polishing Silver and Panning for Gold: Finding Treasure Through Revision with David Schlosser, Barbara Christopher, PJ Parrish, Sharon Potts, and Lawrence Light.  Some of the things they suggested: have a computer program to read you your WIP. Always carry a notebook for each WIP to jot down notes as they come to you. An insert or story board comes in handy with developing your plot and adding stick up notes for stuff to add or change. Fix major plot points as the happen, but wait until later to go back any correct smaller things.

Next was Two Faces of Psychopathy, presented by Dr. Stephen Benning, Ph,D. a psychology professor at Vanderbilt University. This was a really interesting presentation since Rowan, my anti-heroine in Headlocks & Hexes is a psychopath. The two characteristics of this personality disorder are fearless dominance and impulsive anti-sociality. By the end of the presentation I was pleased to learn that Rowan exhibits all the symptoms of both characteristics except for the abuse of animals.

The last session I attending on Friday was Lightening in a Bottle: Marketing and Promotion by Rick Robinson with panelist Sunny Frazier, Matthew Funk, Susan Whitfield, and Steven Womack.  They discussed the importance of social networking through Facebook, Twitter, Linkin and getting your name out there by posting on other writers blogs. He also suggested taking photos with best selling authors when you have the chance and tagging the photos on Facebook. This led me to set up a Facebook under my pen name of Jezebel Jorge.

Saturday began with Serial Killers and Other Serial Offenders by Richard Helms and panelists Carolina Bertrand, Nelda Copas, and Rick Reed. This was a very interesting and informative seminar with too much info to go into on a blog.

Next it was Elements of Award-Winning Novels with Beth Terrell, Annie Solomon, PJ Parrish, David J. Walker, and Steven Womack. The things I took away from this session was to write th book you want to write and chemistry and attention to detail are two key elements to any best selling novel. There's no formula for writing a best seller, it's more about capturing the magic with something different within the boundaries of a genre.

The afternoon was all about bestselling author Jeffrey Deaver. He is a fascinating speaker and captivated the audience with his presentation on Writing Thrillers: How I Do It. Here's his winning formula for a Deaver Bestseller - Short time frame, important deadlines for his characters, interesting esoteric information, and lots of surprise endings. He's a major plotter and does 140-180 page outlines on every book he does before even starting to write. He also saves each revision of his WIPs from start to completion of any manuscript and usually has about 10 documents before a book is complete.

Jeffrey Deaver also stuck around for the panel discussion on An Insider's Look Into The Future of Publishing.

I ended the day with one of the Ticketed Breakout Sessions with an agent Q&A with Jeff Gerecke, Jill Marr, and Cari Foulk. This was a great session to attend since I had pitches with all three agents the next morning. Marr and Foulk both requested to see my work.

After doing my pitches on Sunday morning I attended a two part workshop - Walk Through A Crime Scene Investigation with Sheila Stephens, a former ATF Agent, private detective and law enforcement consultant. I took so many notes on this workshop that I wouldn't even know where to begin on detailing everything she covered.

Killer Nashville was an awesome experience for me and I would recommend this conference to any writer who wants to network and learn more about mystery and thriller writing. I'm already looking forward to going back next year for Killer Nashville 2011!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Skip A Starbucks Day!

One of my MCRW writer friends, C.J. Redwine, is blogging today about her family's efforts to adopt a little girl from China.

Please visit her blog - C.J. Redwine - and help them bring Johanna Faith home to her new family.

And did I mention the awesome prizes that C.J.'s writer friends have donated to help this worthy cause?

Go check it out NOW!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ring Rats


ring rat (plural ring rats)
  1. (professional wrestling, slang) A promiscuous person, often a young female, who attends professional wrestling events primarily to seek sexual liaisons with wrestlers and other performers.

[edit]Derived terms

My definition - a person who goes to wrestling matches with the intention of having some type of sexual interaction with one of the performers. 

Although it's only Dylan that Rowan is interested in, that would classify her as a ring rat.

Some people find the term Ring Rat to be offensive. It doesn't bother me in the least. In fact, that billing seems to most irritate the girls who just couldn't cut it with being able to get banged by their favorite stars. The people who usually use this word as a slur or an attempted insult most likely got turned down by one of the boys. It always kills me to see the fat chicks screaming - "I'm not a rat. How dare they call me a rat." Honey, you're not a rat because none of the guys would do you... plain and simple.

I'll be the first to admit that back in the day I was one of the NWA's Finest. This was a term coined by the legendary Ric Flair to describe first class groupies. Yes, the boys did and probably still do rate them. It's kinda the same system as how the tours or shows used to be referred to as A, B, or C depending on the size of the venue and the crowd attendance. Well, more like opposite since a big arena with all the stars was an A show. A C level rat would most likely be much larger in girth and less attractive than a girl pulling an A level rating. 

If you were one of the NWA's Finest you got comped into shows. There was always a ticket waiting for you at the box office or you walked in the back door on the arm of your guy and were given a chair in the back away from the other fans. You got your hotel room covered, gas put in your car, and dinner or breakfast as part of the deal. Basically you had your pick of the entire locker room as to who you would be spending your evening with.

If you were a B - you got guys lower on the card. Occasionally getting comped or working a gimmick table was part of the deal. They gave the guys rides to and from the airport. Things of that nature.

C level chicks got to give blow jobs when there was nothing better available. They were the ones who bought the guys presents, ran errands for them, put gas in their cars, bought their food, paid for the boys hotel rooms, etc. I think you get the picture.

I'm not going to lie. It was a huge turn on to see a guy on TV and say - "I like". Then you go to the show, put a feeler out to see if you meet his standards, and bam the next thing you know he's fucking your brains out later that evening. Been there, done that, have the tee shirt. Well, I'd have the shirt if they made one. I can honestly say that I got every wrestler I ever pursued. It took me 6 months to finally get a certain someone, but he made it a game, giving me little teases and always stringing me along until we did the deed. Then after a few times of marking out for him I decided I still liked his manager better. Not that it didn't stop us from becoming friends and fuck buddies right up until he married.

I never had a one night stand with any of the boys. They always came back for more. In fact I'm still friends and keep in touch with the very first wrestler I ever slept with. He was my first love and will always have a special place in my heart. 

Things are very different now from the way they used to be back in the glory days of being a ring rat. With the territories you actually got to know the boys as people. They ran the same towns on a schedule to where it was easy to see a show at least once a week. Now, it would be a lot harder to get close to any of the guys in the WWE. Maybe not so much with TNA since they tape in the same place, but I wouldn't know because those days are way behind me.

This was way before the internet, Facebook, MySpace, cell phones and text messaging. I know it makes me think how much easier it would have been to have those things back in the day. A text would have been a lot for discrete than having to wait out back or have a security guard or ref passing information back and forth. But I guess it would also be a lot easier to slip up and get caught.

Here's a really bad example of how not to do things - The Kip Saga. All I'm gonna say is that crazy chick gives ring rats everywhere a very bad name.

My one ratting regret might be that I turned down two different rides on Space Mountain when it was still the ride with the longest lines in the whole park. But other than that, I am what I am and I wouldn't be the person I was today if I hadn't led the life I did. It also gave me all that great material for my Ring Dreams series. Let's just say the basics of my erotic short story published through Xcite really happened with the previously mentioned 6 month chaser in the real life starring role. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pretty Photo

When I saw this photo by Luis Rayo I instantly knew what I would want for a cover to headlocks and hexes. The hair would of course have to be red, coming down to cover the breast. Instead of the roses Rowan should be clutching a lit candle. The necklace would be her ruby encrusted pentacle on a silver chain.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


When my teenage niece came to visit me about a year ago she connected her iPod to my computer. That left me with an interesting mix of songs and artists in my iTunes collection. I've got everything from Patsy Cline and Rod Stewart (both my downloads) to her Taylor Swift, Paramore, Nevershout!, and Lil Wayne. I guess we both have eclectic tastes in music.

I was listening to some Taylor Swift songs this morning and thinking about what big songs she sings to be so young. Fifteen really makes you think, especially since my niece is currently that age. It's amazing how much one's world views change between here and there. 

Oooh, to only be able to see the world through those teenage ages if only for just one more day. I guess I'm too jaded to ever try to write Young Adult. I read the first book in the Twilight series thinking - would just just get it on already. Of course, Bella, being a teenager, it wouldn't have been appropriate for her to move that fast. I guess I just like my vampires a little, okay hundreds of years, older and wiser. Not to even mention hotter. Once you've fallen for Lestat, all other vampires pale in comparison. I don't see myself writing vampires because Anne Rice set the bar so high that I could never live up to those lofty heights.

I'm closing in on the 1/4 way mark in Lip Gloss & Lollipops. Tiffany is really coming through for me now. I know it was supposed to wind up being a menage with her, Trey and Brandon. But then Billy Dalton came along. And when Billy shows up, my plots take a life of their own. Her feelings for Billy are so much like mine were for my first love in the wrestling business. I'm using those emotions while writing this and I have to admit it's raw and real. At least inside my head. I hope it translates that way onto the pages.

In case there are any doubts, I am not a plotter. I start out with a very basic idea and let my characters take over from there. They tell the story. I'm just along for the roller coaster ride.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cover Me

Today I got my cover questionnaire for my debut novel - Headlocks & Hexes.

If you know me at all, you probably know how obsessively anal I am about the characters in my Ring Dreams series. I've got the Excel spreadsheets and plot lines and personal quirks on every single character in the series. So, thinking about seeing Rowan and possibly Dylan portrayed on the cover is slightly freaking me out.

Over the weekend I watched a really incredible move - Chloe. Amanda Seyfried's portrayal of Chloe is amazing. That character is so like Rowan in so many ways. Haflway through the movie I knew that if my books are every made into a series Amanda Seyfried would have to be the person to play Rowan.

Give her a good dye job to make her a redhead and add flowing hair extensions down to her ass and there you have Rowan the way I've always pictured her inside my head.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lip Gloss & Lollipops

The title of my current WIP is now Lip Gloss and Lollipops, thanks to this amazing Jeffree Star song entitled Lollipop Luxury.

In doing some research for what a 20 something gay guy would be listening to on his iPod while working out, I asked my 15 year old niece Hayley. She texted me back with "Jeffree Star!!!" So I went to youtube and looked him up.

The very first time I heard Lollipop Luxury, I instantly thought of Dylan and Rowan. This song was made for them. So when you picture the two beautiful one's making their walk down the aisle to the ring - this is the song that should be playing inside your head. Imagine my bronzed and buff, blonde bombshell of a world champion giving his leggy red-haired dream girl a twirl around the ring.

His promo options would be bountiful:
Can't take your eyes off me. I'm everything you want to be.
Do I make you wet?
You wish you had a slice of me!

"Fuck Me - I'm a Celebrity!"
It fits my darling Dylan to a tee!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Stay With Me

"Red hair, lips and finger nails.
I hear you're a mean old Jezebel.
Let's go upstairs and read my Tarot card."

I started a new WIP yesterday, tentatively titled - On The Ropes.

It started out as my first menage and now has taken on a lot more depth in exploration of a certain character's sexual inclinations.

This one stars two new characters. TIFFANY- a ring rat on the prowl, and her bisexual BBF and fuck buddy, TREY. The third player - BRANDON BALDWIN - made his debut in Headlocks & Hexes as the All American, white meat, up and coming baby face. Let's just say, Brandon's gonna wind up shedding his squeaky clean image in this one.

COURTNEY and ALEX have already made their appearance and BIANCA will be getting more attention this time around.

Well, I'd better get to work. Brandon is ready to start talking...

10,000 words by the end of this weekend? I think it's doable.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Free Read

My publisher, Xcite Books, is offering a free summer read.

Click HERE to download Red Hot Reads!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Good Vibrations

In 1902 Hamilton Beach made the vibrator the fifth electrical appliance to be introduced into the home, after the sewing machine and long before the electric iron.By 1917, there were more vibrators than toasters in American homes.

I stumbled across those fascinating facts while doing some research for my current work in progress. So, in answer to my question that sparked the research. Yes, there were vibrators in 1969. Mail-order catalogs featured beautiful women with long, silky hair loosening their tight shoulder muscles with banana-shaped vibrators. Also popular were vibrators that doubled as nail-buffer kits, hair brushes, backscratchers, and some that were designed as attachments for vacuum cleaners. Most of them were cheesy, battery-operated devices that came in shag-carpet hues: avocado, gold, and burnt orange.

You had better believe that impressive bit of trivia will somehow sneak its way into my manuscript.

Click HERE for a slide show about the history of artificial stimulation for women.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Writing Altar

writing altar

Along with my computer opened to Microsoft Word and my heavy duty Webster's New Dictionary and Thesaurus, the color coded not cards, and my Witch's Datebook, my desk would not be complete without my writing altar. I very seldom do any writing on my manuscripts without lighting at least one candle and a stock of incense. When I begin a new stage of a project I always redo my altar to reflect my intentions and aspirations. I'm starting the first round of rewrites of Sex & Suplexes today so I thought I'd share how I configure my altar.

My cactus plant never leaves my desk. It's a symbol of strength and perseverance. The think skin a writer must develop to deflect the many nos on the way to getting that important yes. Whenever I find spare change when I'm out walking Harry I always pocket it and place it on the plate that holds my cactus. Offerings of luck to accompany my bamboo plant which is also supposed to be a symbol of luck.

The placement and color of my candles depends entirely on my mood and intentions. It's always a good idea to light a white candle for protection and purity of intentions. I often use a Crystal Journey Reiki Energy Charged Candle. My favorite are the Motivational Candles.

For this project I am going to light three candles for a mind, body and soul connection. Purple is a healing color so I chose that for help with fine tuning my manuscript. I want to make it renewed and healthy and whole. Green is for success and money. Not a lot of explaining needed for that one. Red is for passion and motivation. I want my passion for the story to show through in my every word.

I lined the altar with aluminum foil because it's reflective. Meaning everything I put into my writing I hope to come back to me as a prosperous return. It also makes for easy clean up for the dripping wax. Yes, I do love to play with candle wax. Before lighting my candles I like to anoint them with a dab of essential oil. I usually like Dragon's Blood or something with a citrus scent. This time I am going to try some Fast Luck Oil from Music City Mojo. It has a subtle cinnamon scent that is pleasant and not overly distracting. Here is a direct link to check it out for yourself - Fast Luck Oil.

Incense is really a personal preference. You have to pick a scent that works for you. My favorite is Silver Dollar. It's a light, clean and supposedly lucky scent. I'm also going to try some Good Magick, The Goddess, incense I picked up at Goddess and The Moon last weekend.

If you're in Nashville you can go to Zyerra Myst to find all kinds of accessories for your writing altar. The shop's owner Carol will be glad to help you discover any of her store's wonderful treasures.

For more magickal information you can check out Tish Owen's fascinating book Spell It Correctly. For those that don't know she is the owner of Goddess and the Moon and always happy to sign copies of her book and chat with customers.

Well, I'm off to light my candles and get to writing...

Blessed Be!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hot For Teacher

My erotic short story Hot For Teacher is now available in an ebook anthology from Xcite Books.

Please check it out - HOT FOR TEACHER by Renee

The Bigger Picture

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” - Alexander Graham Bell

Early this morning I woke up crying over a dream I had about someone who's no longer a part of my life. A mutual friend was trying to get us to work out our differences and he was having none of it. Awake, it wasn't such a big deal but maybe my real feelings came out in my sleep.

It's no secret I've had a love / hate relationship with this person since 1987. To put it bluntly we were usually either fighting or fucking. Over the last few years there has been nothing but an icy silence.

Still thinking about him, I logged into Facebook and saw the following fitting words of wisdom - There comes a point in your life when you realize who is in your life for a reason and who always will be. Don’t worry about people from your past whose energy (and/or personality) no longer supports your best and highest good . . . perhaps, they are part of that which needs to fall away. And perhaps, they didn’t make it to your future for a reason.

I guess it is time to let it all go.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Roller Coaster

It's that time of the month when my mind is screaming for fizzy caffeine and my colon is shrieking back a resounding NO!

IBS meets PMS

And it ain't pretty.

In case you don't know the artificial sweetener aspartame is the number one enemy of your colon. This wicked sugar substitute is found in just about every diet soda out there.

It took me being hospitalized with colitis and getting an IBS diagnosis to start to kick my Diet Coke habit. I'll admit I still give into that demon but at least now I try to only indulge at least once a week. Try being the operative word.

I've never had a taste for coffee or tea so Diet Cokes were always my caffeine fix. Why do I still crave the fizzy black liquid when I know it swells up my stomach and makes my colon spaz?

One of life's little mysteries I suppose.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Flared Nostrils

April has not been a good writing month for me. I just can't seem to get inspired to put the words on the page. In mid-March I finished the first draft of my second manuscript and then I was like - and then what?

First drafts are fun because you can just keep pouring out the words. Even if they stink you just keep right on typing. Word court is all that matters. Then you get to the mystical 100,000 and keep right on going and going and going. Now the rough stuff begins. The chopping and pruning. The slicing and dicing to make it all make sense and not exceed the line in the sand at 100,000 words.

To take a break I thought I would take an online class on writing sex scenes. One of my favorite things in the whole entire world. Both on the page and between the sheets. It starts out fun enough until bam! I open an email and there it is the epitome of purple prose the words that make me want to hurl all over my monitor... "FLARED NOSTRILS"

Flared nostrils are not sexy, they aren't hot, those two words have absolutely NO place in a sex scene. Nostrils are not erotic, nostrils are not pretty and unless you've got some really weird fetish, nostril stimulation does not have any place in a sex scene. After reading that faux pas all the class emails are being deleted without being opened. What a waste of $25.

Maybe if it's a shape shifter, then maybe just maybe I can kinda get it... but those two words make me cringe.

Once upon a time I attempted to read a book by a fairly well know erotic author. Attempted being the key word here. There was so much nostril flaring that I just couldn't do it. Seriously, a nostril flared on almost every single page. You could have made a drinking game out of it and been comatose by the end of a chapter. Horrible, horrible writing and even more horrible, horrible editing. I put down the book and prompted returned to the trade pile for my next visit to McKays.

How does crap like that get published? How the hell did this author get in anthologies with such talented writers as Laurell K. Hamilton and Sherrilyn Kenyon? What is wrong with the universe? If you don't believe me check out this book and count the flaring nostrils... come on I double dare ya!

Amok and alas... maybe my voice is coming back... I'm off to work on a naughty novella featuring Courtney Dalton and absolutely no flared nostrils.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Free EBook

My publisher is giving away a free Confessions ebook this weekend...

Click HERE for the free download from Xcite!

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's Official

I just signed my first contract with Accent Books to have my erotic short story published in an ebook anthology with Xcite.

Hot For Teacher features my favorite diva from my first manuscript, Spell Struck. Courtney and her not so favorite ex husband, Darren Dalton. We go back in time to relive one of their first sexual encounters. For Darren, the first time was supposed to have been the only time but Courtney has other ideas. With his fiancee sitting in the audience at one of his wrestling matches, a nineteen year old Courtney lures Darren into a deserted classroom for some hot and heavy away from the ring action. A not so innocent smack on her bare ass leads to a spanking that ends with her wet and ready to be taken right there on the teacher's desk.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In The Beginning

How apropos that I post my first linked blog on St. Patrick's Day.

Why is that you may ask?

My virgin entry on the anniversary of the day I lost my virginity.

It wasn't that I set out to get laid in honor of the holiday. It just kinda happened on that day. In keeping with the spirit of celebration the room it happened in even had green walls.

That first time wouldn't make for the stuff of great erotica. Was anyone's first time worthy of such embellishment? That I doubt since teenage kids aren't up on their sexual technique.

All I remember was the green walls, a western on the TV and laying there thinking "I'm never doing this again". With that person, I didn't. With a few other persons absolutely.

Rowan - My anti-heroine in my first novel Spell Struck had a first time that was worth writing home about. Of course she got her cherry popped by my too pretty for words, hot as hell, wrestling heel hero - Dylan Dalton. Needless to say it was far from being his first time so the dude had it going on.

Dylan's first time might be covered in a future episode of my Ring Dreams series. He was thirteen when he was seduced by an older more experienced woman all of fourteen. You want to know who the temptress was? You'll have to wait and read it in Spell Struck.

Until then, tell me about your first time... come on... start dishing...